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    Let's save the flax industry

    Let's save the flax industry

    Despite the fact that France is the world's leading flax grower, its textile industry has virtually disappeared over the last 25 years. Today, 90% of flax production is sent to Asia, before being returned to France in the form of fabric, with a devastating carbon and social impact.

    At a time when sustainable development is a matter of survival, the French linen textile industry is dying: our Alsatian spinning mill has closed its doors, and it's time to denounce this nonsense.

    Emmanuel Lang, victim of a neglected industry

    Following the liquidation of the operating company (virtuose SAS), which led to protests and a visit from Arnaud Montebourg in 2013, Pierre Schmitt bought the assets for €1.510 million. Until 2019, with the purchase of new weaving machines and the production of denim in French linen, business was irregular. A fire destroyed the workshop in 2021, and two years later the company went into receivership and was wound up.

    Emmanuel Lang's story illustrates all too well the difficulty of being attractive in an unfairly competitive market, where polluting textiles that are dangerous to everyone's health make up the overwhelming majority of clothing, destroying local and sustainable textiles.

    At a time when sustainable development and ecology are more urgent than ever, the need to safeguard this know-how is obvious.

    Let's save the flax industry

    To continue producing AXOLO, a trainer made from French flax, Ubac turned to farmers in Normandy who grow flax, to Safilin, which spins the fibre, and then to Virgocoop, which weaves it. The balance is fragile: only 2 spinning mills remain, with limited technical, economic and human resources.

    Let's save the flax industry

    Let's save the flax industry

    As well as being a fibre that is perfectly suited to France, flax requires up to 10 times less water and 5 times fewer pesticides than conventional cotton.

    To further reduce the use of water and dyes, the AXOLO LIN capsule plays on a palette of soft beiges, the natural colour of linen, combined with vibrant shades of recycled rubber inserts.

    As well as its ecological benefits, it's the perfect material for trainers: anti-bacterial, breathable, hard-wearing...

    Let's save the flax industry
    Let's save the flax industry
    Let's save the flax industry

    AXOLO LIN is not just a basket. It's the assurance of support for an entire industry: from French farmers, to artisan spinners and weavers in the north, to family-run assembly workshops in Portugal.


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