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    Discover our sneakers designed from a rigorous selection of natural and recycled materials: recycled wool, hemp, linen and recycled cotton.

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    Eco-responsible sneakers for men

    Since its creation, Ubac has been committed to designing eco-responsible sneakers made of natural and recycled materials.

    In an ethical approach, concerned about the environment and human well-being, we have our shoes made in excellent workshops in Portugal, with recycled wool in France, hemp and other materials with low environmental impact. Here you will find ethical sneakers for men. We also offer eco-friendly sneakers for women.

    The world of fashion is often black, opaque to hide the way our sneakers are produced, for example with high impact materials such as leather or plastic or deplorable conditions for the workers. In leather or other materials that are not very responsible, it is rare to find eco-friendly sneakers. At Ubac, we do not seek to participate in this black system. Welcome to a world where sneakers can be natural, vegan, leather-free and environmentally friendly. Welcome to a world of low top sneakers, high top sneakers, colorful sneakers, natural and recycled materials and ethical sneakers. Let yourself be seduced by natural, recycled or vegan materials.

    Ubac is a brand of sneakers eco-responsible, recycled and ethical. Each pair of sneakers is produced in earth-friendly materials: recycled rubber, recycled cotton, recycled wool, or hemp, without leather and little plastic.

    Ubac products are made in France or made in Portugal in an ethical and respectful way.

    The eco-responsible sneakers Vola, Terra, Terra V and Vola H are the trademark of Ubac. Made of recycled wool Made in France, with an eco-responsible sole in Green EVA or recycled rubber and laces in recycled plastic. They are made in Portugal to guarantee you ethical, recycled, responsible sneakers, at a fair price and with low impact materials.

    We are expanding our collection with a new product: a pair of cotton sneakers. The Koto sneakers are made of recycled cotton canvas, with a recycled rubber sole and recycled plastic laces, making them vegan sneakers. From black to white, we offer timeless sneakers that are as tough as good leather.

    Other vegan and eco-responsible sneakers: Kana, sneakers just as responsible made from hemp and linen produced in Spain, recycled vegan rubber.

    Our low top sneakers, high top sneakers and all our other products are made to last, to be timeless and in robust materials and with a thoughtful price.

    Ubac's goal is to reinvent responsible fashion by creating sneakers from recycled or natural canvas, soles and laces.


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