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    Help center

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    Payment methods
    Maintenance / Ecological materials

    Delivery in France :

    The preparation time of the orders varies between 1 to 3 working days.once prepared, the delivery time is from 24 to 72 working hours at your residence or in point relay (world relay) according to your preference.

    The delivery is offered in Metropolitan France starting from 120 € of purchase.For an order lower than 120 €, the carriage costs amount to 5 € for a delivery at residence and 3,95 € for a delivery in point relay.

    Delivery outside France:

    The preparation time of the orders varies between 1 to 3 working days.once prepared, according to the countries, the indicative delivery time is from 2 to 5 working days.

    Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Spain: the shipping costs are 8 € for a delivery at home or in relay point.

    Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and Estonia: the shipping costs are 10 € for a delivery at home.

    Exchange / Refund

    Conditions of return:

    To make your return request for an exchange or refund, please fill out the return form. You have 60 days from the receipt of your items to make a return. The returned items must respect the following conditions: - they must not have been worn outside - they must be in new condition

    Return from France:

    The return is offered in metropolitan France for shoes. Orders with only accessories (hats, socks, caps, laces) are not eligible for free return.

    Return from abroad (outside France):

    For a return from outside France, the shipping costs corresponding to the initial order will be refunded and the return shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

    General questions

    Can I wear my wool sneakers when it rains?

    Yes, you can wear them on a rainy day. The weave we have developed is very dense with the addition of a waterproof treatment. However, we count on your perspicacity to get out your rubber boots when it rains too much.

    Can I wear my sneakers in all seasons?

    They keep your feet warm when it's cold and keep you cool when it's hot. Wool and hemp are naturally thermoregulating and breathable. Cotton is thick and will keep you warm in winter. Their lightness will surprise you and you will appreciate their comfort all year long.

    The product I am interested in is out of stock, what can I do?

    In a logic of eco-design, we operate with limited stocks, so we regularly offer new creations. We try to produce on the scale of your demand and not to fall into the frenzy of overproduction. We invite you to follow us on social networks or to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the release of our new products.

    No over-packaging!

    According to a study, the share of empty packaging in shipments is around 24%. This would generate 122 million tons of CO² each year, so we have decided not to use any overpackaging for the shipment of your products. This means that you will receive your pair in its original packaging.

    Where are Ubac products made?

    All products are made locally in France or in Portugal within a radius of 1 750 km from your home. All Ubac shoes are handmade by craftsmen.

    You often talk about transparency, what do you mean by that?

    Transparency is at the heart of our values, we communicate on our materials used, our production sites, our actions with associations and the distribution of our costs. You can discover all the information about our approach and our products in the "Ubac vision" section.

    What role do associations play in your brand?

    We want to act directly on the ground and support the remarkable work of committed people. Ubac donates 1% of its sales to the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

    I am a retailer, can I distribute your products?

    Thank you for your interest in Ubac and its commitments. We would be delighted to discuss with you and learn more about your store. We invite you to write us via the contact form.

    Payment methods

    You can pay your order by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) or in 3 times without fees with ALMA.

    Recycled and natural materials

    Care :

    You can find, on each product sheet, our tips for cleaning your sneakers according to their material.

    Eco-responsible materials :

    Our goal is to create products with a low environmental impact for a production more respectful of nature with a manufacturing in Europe. Recycled materials:

    Recycled wool: from recycled clothing (especially sweaters) that have been dropped off at collection points and then sorted by color. No dye is therefore added to the colors of our products. This material is soft, breathable and comfortable.

    Recycled cotton: obtained from old clothes, this material reduces the use of pesticides and water needed to grow new cotton.

    Recycled rubber: obtained from used tires or factory scraps, this material revalorizes waste and offers great resistance to wear.

    Recycled polyester: obtained from used plastic bottles, it reduces dependence on fossil fuels and decreases plastic waste.

    Flax grown and woven in France: sourced locally, it reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and encourages the local economy. Flax is an easy to grow plant, requiring little water and no chemicals.

    Hemp: a resistant plant requiring little irrigation, no pesticides or insecticides. Hemp is grown locally and its transformation into fabric does not require water.

    Green EVA: a material composed in part of sugar cane, this material offers the same performance as traditional EVA (from petrochemicals) while being more sustainable.


    All our products can be recycled and some can be reused in our own production. The remainder can be used in the manufacture of products from other brands or reused in insulation or tyres (e.g. rubber).

    Contact us at to return your end-of-life products so that we can recycle them.


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