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    Ubac Vision

    Inspired by nature, designed for the future

    Basket éco-responsable Axolo
    Basket éco-responsable Axolo

    Inspired by nature,
    designed for the future.

    Since its inception in 2018, Ubac has been offering sneakers made of natural and recycled materials.

    The word Ubac designates the side of the mountain least exposed to the sun, and therefore the most preserved from the human footprint. Ubac then becomes a symbol of a preserved and still wild nature that must be taken care of. It aspires to a feeling of freedom and protection that high mountain landscapes can provide.

    All Ubac products are manufactured by craftsmen in France or in Portugal in order to produce sustainably and value local industries.

    The most ecological materials are used, giving preference to natural and recycled materials for their exceptional qualities: recycled wool, hemp, recycled cotton, linen. It is also the promise to get out of a too strong dependence on the oil industry.


    • Recycled wool
      Recycled wool
    • Mesclat
    • Linen
    • R-SKIN®
    • Cobois™
    • Hemp
    • Recycled cotton
      Recycled cotton
    • Green EVA®
      Green EVA®
    • Recycled rubber
      Recycled rubber
    • Extra Grip™
      Extra Grip™
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    Tissu de lin
    Basket Axolo Rskin
    Eco friendly zero plastic knit
    Fibres de chanvre
    Canne à sucre
    Caoutchouc recyclé
    Extra grip eco friendly sole

    Local manufacturing

    Our partners

    All Ubac products are manufactured in Portugal and France.

    The maximum distance travelled between Ubac's processors and customers is 1750 km.

    Carte de l'Europe
    Ballots de laine défibrée
    Tissu de laine recyclée
    Fabrication de la basket Axolo Lin
    Machine pour tisser le lin
    Couturière de l'atelier Jean Ruiz
    Atelier de tricotage
    Fabrication d'une basket Terra
    Semelle d'une basket Vola
    Semelle en caoutchouc recyclé Ubac
    Fils de coton recyclé
    Tissu de coton recyclé
    Casquette en laine recyclée
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    We donate 1% of our turnover to the League for the Protection of Birds

    Dessin oiseau

    The first environmental protection association in France

    Founded in 1912, the first fight of the LPO, and from which it draws its emblem, was to prevent the massacre of puffins in Bretagne.

    More than a century after its creation, the LPO continues its fight: according to the last studies, on the 277 species of breeding birds counted in France, 73 are currently threatened on the French territory. That is more than one species out of four. One bird out of six has disappeared in Europe since the 1980s

    With 57 000 members, 8 000 active volunteers and 400 employees on the national territory, the LPO has a strong power and is recognized of public utility.

    It is also necessary to know that the LPO widened its fight, originally concentrated on the birds, to defend the biodiversity in its whole with three missions: the protection of the species, the conservation of the spaces as well as the education and the sensitization.

    Dessin de personnages

    A strong bound since 2018

    Since 2018, Ubac has always been committed to supporting the LPO. We regularly visit the actors at the headquarters in Rochefort, whether for meetings or visits.

    Recently, a part of the team went to the field, in one of the numerous nature reserves of the association. And it is in Moëze Oléron that the appointment was made. Located in Charente-Maritime, between the island of Oléron and the mainland, it covers 6,400 hectares and protects coastal environments, wet meadows and salt marshes. It is one of the five most important sites in metropolitan France for the reception of water birds in winter with nearly 90,000 migratory water birds.

    We also follow closely their fights and their victories, as the definitive stop of the hunting with glue obtained thanks to numerous legal actions of the LPO. Each year the LPO leads many actions in front of the courts aiming at stopping practices endangering the biodiversity.

    Dessin de coeur

    1% of our turnover is donated to the LPO

    At Ubac, we have decided to let the LPO allocate our donations freely. We believe that this is the best way to protect biodiversity rather than favouring a particular species. Our donations can therefore be distributed in favor of :

    -Species protection: The LPO participates in national action plans for threatened birds such as the black vulture, the royal kite and the Amsterdam albatross. It also acts for the reintroduction of endangered species (Griffon vulture in the Grands Causses or Kestrel in the Aude) and participates in national surveys to draw up an inventory of bird populations in France. Finally, the LPO manages rescue centers to collect and help fauna in distress, before releasing, when possible, the specimens into the wild.

    -The conservation of spaces: The LPO is one of the main managers of natural spaces in France, with 10 national and five regional natural reserves. In all, the LPO manages more than 27 000 hectares of natural environments, mainly wetlands.

    -Education and awareness: Guided tours, workshops, conferences... Through its actions of sensitization, the LPO touches each year some 200 000 persons. It also happens that the LPO constitutes civil party in case of environmental offence (shooting of protected species, poaching, traffic of birds, destruction of protected environments...).

    Macareux moine


    Price breakdown

    Here you will find the full breakdown of our expenses, from our latest balance sheet (2020-2021). This allows you to know in detail where our money goes.

    Dessin d'une main et d'une boîte
    Product and stock 52.49 %
    Dessin d'une main et d'une boîte
    External expenses (advertising, office, logistics, etc.) 30.97 %
    Dessin d'une main et d'une boîte
    Salaries & Charges 13.03 %
    Dessin d'une main et d'une boîte
    Operating income 3.51 %

    Our certifications

    Impact & end of life

    We take into account the carbon impact and the end-of-life issue of our products from the design stage in order to always do better. All our products are also recyclable.

    Carbon impact


    Picto nuage
    7kg CO2e

    Carbon footprint.

    The average carbon impact of our products.

    Picto épingles

    Biosourced & recycled materials

    Average percentage of bio-sourced and/or recycled materials on all our products.

    Picto feuille

    Of our products are recyclable

    We can recycle all our products at the end of their life.


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