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    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN

    Behind the scenes of AXOLO LINEN development

    As you may have seen, we have launched a new sneaker: AXOLO LINEN. Made from French linen and assembled in Portugal, let us explain the whole process behind this new product. From the choice of materials to the inspiration behind the design, go behind the scenes of the development of AXOLO.

    Fabrication de la Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN
    Fabrication de la Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN
    Fabrication de la Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN
    Bouquets de lin séché


    Why choose linen ?

    The cultivation of linen is also much more energy efficient than the cultivation of most other textile fibers: it uses little water and no harmful substances. It is therefore one of the most ecological plants in the textile world. In addition, its cultivation helps to regenerate the soil and promote biodiversity.

    Grown in Normandie and woven in Alsace.

    Ubac sources French linen for AXOLO. By using local raw materials, we reduce the carbon footprint of our products by minimizing the transportation of goods. Buying French linen also promotes the local economy and contributes to the preservation of regional culture and craftsmanship.

    Fabrication de la basket Axolo Lin Bleu

    Although linen is a sustainable and local raw material, the French textile industry has experienced a considerable loss of know-how over the last century. The French textile production of linen has practically disappeared.

    The situation of the linen textile industry in France

    The linen textile industry has been neglected by French producers during the last century. This situation has led to a considerable loss of know-how in the transformation of flax fiber into finished textiles. The producers preferred to send the flax fibers abroad, especially in Asia, to transform them by lowering the labor costs. The French flax textile industry has therefore been virtually abandoned.

    Ubac has chosen to partner with Emmanuel Lang, one of the last craftsmen in the industry, to develop a linen fabric for its new eco-responsible basket, AXOLO LINEN. This collaboration allows us to participate in the revival of the linen textile industry in France.

    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN

    Wanting to promote linen is good. But we must also keep in mind that sneakers are worn every day. So you need a comfortable and resistant material, and linen is the perfect fiber.

    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN



    -French linen upper
    -French recycled wool lining
    -Natural and recycled rubber inserts

    -Recycled rubber sole

    Where is it assembled ?

    Except for its linen upper and recycled wool lining which are made in France, AXOLO LINEN and all its other components are made in Portugal. We are therefore in an ultra locality approach from the components to the assembly.

    We manufacture AXOLO LINEN in a workshop of excellence that we have known for many years and that we visit regularly, a promise of high quality know-how and ethics.

    Linen and its textile benefits

    Linen is a natural fiber that has many advantages in textiles. It is strong, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable. We can't tell you enough, natural fibers have many powers. Nothing better than nature!


    Monsieur Germain, AXOLO LINEN'S DESIGNER

    Footwear designer, Mr. Germain has worked with many brands to design elegant and technical sneakers. His goal: to create products from A to Z with bio-sourced and/or recycled materials.

    Fluffy and embroided details

    To recall our iconic recycled wool, we added an embroidery and our logo in fluffy material. It's also a nod to the 80s/90s, which inspired Monsieur Germain's design.

    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN

    3 colors

    3 variants make up the AXOLO LIN collection: one yellow, one green and one blue. In addition to the style, this model is extremely solid. The linen canvas developed with Emmanuel Lang is designed to be durable and resistant. Combined with a strobel stitching and a rubber sole, you get a very durable and sturdy sneaker!

    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN
    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN
    Basket éco-responsable AXOLO LIN

    Using linen for AXOLO allows us to put a foot in the safeguard of the textile sector of linen in France. With Mr. Germain, we were able to create a model that combines eco-responsibility, comfort and a design inspired by the 1980s / 1990s. We are proud to present you this project which required 2 years of work, research and development. By the way, this sneaker is also recyclable, but we will tell you more in a future article!


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