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    Baskets éco-responsables Ubac

    Why we are having an archive sale

    It doesn't happen often, so take advantage of it! Ubac is preparing something new for spring, so we need to make room in our warehouses. That's why, starting today, we are offering archival sales on our older models. This could be the opportunity to treat yourself, to start your Christmas gifts, or to buy one last pair before the big spring releases!

    As you know, it is not our habit to offer promotions. So how come we're offering you an archive sale?

    1- To make room in our warehouse

    This year we have released a lot of new models. Adding this to all of our older colors, that's a lot of pairs to stock!
    But in order to prepare for the coming year and collections, we need to make room. Even if we try to produce as close as possible to your needs and the demand, some colors have a harder time selling than others. For example, the digital blue color on Vola and Terra has become a running gag within the team. It has been around since the launch of Ubac, and it's still going strong!

    The goal is to go back to the origin of the principle of sales, which we will talk about a little further down.

    Entrepôt vide
    Basket eco responsable en promotion

    2- To make our responsible sneakers more accessible

    We know that not everyone has the means to consume responsibly. Unfortunately, it is mainly our consumption habits that need to change. It is the 30€ sneaker that we have to question. We regularly explain it to you (you can find the breakdown of our costs here), but producing in Europe, with recycled materials and in small quantities is expensive.

    We are aware that a pair of sneakers like Kana is not within the reach of everyone. Doing archival sales is also a way to let those who would not otherwise be able to invest in our products enjoy them.

    3- Because there are big changes to come

    Next year, we're going to introduce you to a new identity. We won't tell you more for now, but you can tell us what you think soon! This implies a change of visual identity, but also of products. All of this involves costs, especially in terms of research and development. We have worked very hard on new materials with one goal: to reduce the impact of our sneakers with natural materials. We have also developed new shapes of sneakers, so we have to develop new molds for each size, which is also very expensive.
    In short, all these changes require a big cash flow. So we prefer to make sure we're on the right track before we start! By the way, we would like to thank you for following the Ubac adventure: a big thank you for your support and your words.

    Semelle d'une future basket écologique Ubac
    Why we are having an archive sale

    4- But we don't do it anyhow

    The principle of sales, originally, is to empty the stocks to prepare the arrival of the next collection. However, with fast fashion, we are far from that. Many brands calculate their margins to be able to offer promotions throughout the year. The principle is to inflate the prices to be able to make reductions up to -80% while still being profitable, and making customers believe that they are making a good deal. But when you are able to do this kind of discount, how much does the item really cost? When a brand offers huge discounts all year long, the principle of sales doesn't make sense anymore.
    At Ubac, we will now be offering archive sales and occasional sales. We would like to return to the origin of this principle without abusing it, to offer you our real end of series. We don't inflate the price of our sneakers by planning to put them on sale.

    To Sum Up

    What we denounce: the year-round reductions to the detriment of workers and the environment.

    What we guarantee: responsible archive sales.

    This translates into:

    -A fair price: discounts only reduce our profits. They are not taken on the backs of the workers. They are not at the expense of the environment, our materials are always local, natural and recycled.

    -Small discounts: We can't do much more than -30%, we don't make any concession on our values.

    -A single purpose of destocking: in a logic of reasoned production 

    And remember, only buy if you need to.

    See you soon for new adventures ;)


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