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    Macareux moines

    #REBIRD - 5690 € raised for the LPO

    The mobilisation was great this year! The sales of the Macareu hat (a special edition created with the LPO to transfer all the benefits to it) allowed to collect nearly 5690 €. We would like to congratulate all the contributors who allowed this operation in favour of the biodiversity to be a success! We share with you a small assessment of #REBIRD and the benefits of this operation.

    Bonnet macareux Ubac

    A great mobilization

    The puffin hat was on pre-order from 11-12-20 to 05-01-21 on and The goal was to donate all the profits to the LPO, one of the most important associations of nature protection in France.

    Indeed, we wanted to help this wonderful association at our level with what we know how to do best: caps! And we are delighted to announce that we were 3 times more numerous to participate in this operation than last year with :

    - 10€ donated to the LPO for each cap sold

    - 569 puffin caps sold

    - 5690 € for the LPO

    A transparent operation

    Transparency is at the heart of Ubac's values. Indeed, we do our best to communicate on our entire value chain, from the origin of our products, our materials through their manufacturing workshops.

    That is why you will find here the calculation of the benefits for the LPO.

    Infographie bonnet macareux

    Support for made in France

    • Knitted in Roanne
      The Macareu hat is made like all our hats at Les tricots Jean Ruiz in Roanne (42). There, no stitch has any secret and the know-how is perpetuated to create pieces of exceptional quality.
    • Made from recycled sweaters in Brassac (81)
      The Macareu cap is also made of recycled wool like all our products. This means that it will also contribute to give life to sweaters. The latter are sorted by color before being defibered to be transformed into a new yarn more respectful of the environment. In addition, no chemical dyeing is added to the environmental impact of this material regenerated in the Tarn (81).

    5690 € donated to the LPO for the French biodiversity

    The 3 big "poles" of action of the LPO are the protection of the species, the preservation of spaces as well as the education and the sensitization.

    Because of all these complementary actions, we wished to leave to the LPO the care to allocate the profits of the campaign to the missions which it judges most urgent. That is for us a way to respect at best the rules of the biodiversity by not privileging any particular action.

    Bénévoles de la LPO

    The benefits will be used for :

    • The protection of species with notably national but also European programs for the safeguard of species and the reintroduction of threatened birds. The association also welcomes each year thousands of injured birds, fallen from their nests or oiled in its rescue centers
    • Preservation of spaces with many national conservatories of natural spaces, especially in wetlands, of which it is one of the major historical managers. It manages more than 20,000 hectares of natural environments! Moreover, it offers to individuals, associations and communities the possibility to register their land in the network of Refuges LPO, the first French network of ecological gardens in favor of biodiversity. Since its creation, more than 26 000 Refuges were born. Thanks to this network, it is possible to welcome the fauna and the flora, while learning to reduce its impact on the environment and to garden nature.
    • The LPO benefits from the approval " Protection of the environment ", which allows it to lodge complaints and to be a civil party against the infringements of the legislative provisions relating to the protection of nature and the environment, through its legal Mission.
    • Education and awareness. It proposes to all the publics, and more particularly to the schoolchildren, workshops, guided tours, conferences, exhibitions... Thus, every year, more than 5 000 animations or educational programs are proposed to the schoolchildren, that is to say to more than 100 000 children per year.
    • Moreover, the LPO develops an activity of nature tourism in the regions. All year long, it welcomes the public in numerous natural sites like reserves or migration passes. The LPO diffuses information to the media in a concern of scientific popularization and publishes its own magazines: L'OISEAU magazine, l'OISEAU MAG junior, Rapaces de France and Ornithos.

    Thank you again for your participation in the #Rebird2 operation. We are very proud to be involved with this beautiful association and to be able to help them at our level.


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