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    Ubac X Worakls

    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls

    Worakls and Ubac is the story of a unique partnership between a world-renowned electronic artist and a brand of eco-friendly sneakers united by an ecological commitment.

    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls

    Kévin is an electronic artist, writer of the soundtrack of "Sur le front", a french TV show committed to the environment, with whom we have designed a sneaker for the release of his new album.

    The unisex sneaker SPARKLE is made of recycled cotton and a recycled rubber sole. It is available for pre-order from 35 to 46 at 99 €.

    A unique collaboration combining eco-design and music

    The sneaker is named after Worakls' favorite track from the upcoming album, SPARKLE.

    Inspired by the blend between the sobriety of the classic and the festivity of the electronic universe, just like Worakls, the SPARKLE sneaker takes the colors of the scenography and the last album of the artist. The very festive and crazy side of the electro is represented by the gold while the sobriety and elegance of the classic is present in the black.

    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls
    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls

    "Sparkle is not just the result of a collaboration between a brand and a DJ committed to the planet. It's also proof that more sustainable fashion is possible." - Adeline, Ubac's stylist.

    The UBAC team worked closely with the artist who was on tour in the United States in recent months. Numerous calls despite the time difference and a meeting in Aix-en-Provence allowed us to develop the model.

    A sustainable sneaker with 88% of bio-sourced and recycled materials

    The sneaker is made in Worakls' home country of Portugal by the finest footwear artisans.

    All parts of the sneaker are thoughtfully eco-conscious, ethically designed and manufactured in a sustainable manner.

    New cotton consumes 25% of the world's pesticides while representing only 3% of the cultivated land. In addition to extensive irrigation, to rinse and wash the fibers of their chemicals, manufacturing requires huge amounts of water. As an example, a single T-shirt requires at least 2,700 liters. To know everything about cotton and its issues, you can read our article on the subject.

    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls
    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls

    Another issue is that cotton needs specific climatic conditions to grow and cannot be cultivated in Europe. We must therefore consider the long journey that cotton fibers must make to reach us.

    Recycled cotton avoids the impact of growing new cotton and at the same time reuses clothes that are destined to be thrown away. In 2020, cotton still represents 50% of the material used by the textile industry.

    Old cotton clothes are therefore a gold mine: they are available locally in large quantities and recycle materials destined to be thrown away.

    For all these reasons, Ubac favors recycled cotton because the advantage is threefold:

    - Limit the use of water (no dyeing or washing).

    - Use materials already present in Europe and destined to be thrown away.

    - To create jobs with the sorting and recycling industries.

    About Worakls

    The French artist WORAKLS is today one of the most trendy figures of his generation and of the electro music.

    The release of his new album expected for the end of the year is accompanied by a tour of the most prestigious venues in Europe where Worakls will be accompanied by an Orchestra composed of 40 musicians. The strength of this show lies in the fact that the original music composing the album was specially created to be played with an orchestra.

    Ubac launches a sneaker co-designed with Worakls

    "Mixing two worlds, the emotions of classical with the freedom and energy of electronic. I thought it was a culmination, but in fact it was just the beginning" - Kevin, aka Worakls.


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