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    Kana Sneakers


    256 Reviews
    139.00 €
    • originel
    • Cobalt
    • Quartz
    • blanche
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    Free Shipping & Returns from 50€ of purchase.

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    Robust canvas

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    • Hemp and linen
      Breathable, dye-free and comfortable
    • Naturally resistant
      Reinforced canvas weave
    • Sole - Natural and recycled rubber
      Soft, non-slip and comfortable
    • Insole
      Removable ergonomic Drytech™


    Spain : hemp and linen fabric l Portugal : soles, yokes, laces and packaging

    Handmade in Portugal

    Shipping & Returns

    Delivery is offered in metropolitan France* from 120 € of purchase.

    Preparation: your order will be prepared under 1 to 3 working days.
    Delivery: once prepared, your order will be sent under 24 to 72 working hours at your residence or in point relay according to your preference

    The return is offered in metropolitan France*.

    You have 60 days from the reception of your shoes to benefit from the free return.the returned items must respect the following conditions:
    - they must not have been worn outside
    - they must be in a new condition

    The procedure for making a return is available on the "Returns and Exchanges" page.
    * Shipping and handling fees for international shipments are available at


    For the fabric:

    Soap residues can stain hemp fabric, so we recommend you don't wash it. If a stain appears, the best thing to do is to wet it immediately with a sponge soaked in warm water and rub the area very lightly. We then recommend that you dry the stain well by absorbing the excess water with a towel, then leaving the stain to dry in the shade, away from any sources of heat.

    For the recycled rubber inserts and the sole:

    You can scrub the inserts and sole using a soft brush (like a toothbrush) with a little warm water and a small amount of washing-up liquid. Be careful not to scrub the fabric or it could stain.

    For the laces:

    We recommend removing them from your pair and washing them as you normally would, by hand or machine.

    Composition & details

    KANA has a carbon footprint of 6 kg CO2e according to an independent assessment by Carbon Fact. 61% less impactful than the industry average (16 kg CO2e).

    Composition :

    • Upper in Hemp (63%) and linen (37%) - SPAIN
    • 100% linen inner lining - SPAIN
    • Drytech™ insole in recycled PU (95%) and other synthetic materials (5%) - PORTUGAL
    • Recycled rubber (70%) and natural rubber (30%) outsole - PORTUGAL
    • Inserts in recycled suede (60%) and PU (40%) - PORTUGAL


    Everyday sneaker. Recommended for leisure or soft sports.

    • Unmatched comfort.
    • As resistant as a leather.
    • Side stitching, assembled in stroebel for a maximum of flexibility.
    • Natural and recycled rubber sole.
    • Ultra-resistant and naturally breathable fiber upper.
    • Water-repellent weave.
    • Ankle and heel reinforcement for optimal support.
    • Weight: 276 g (size 38).
    • Assembled with a solvent-free glue (water-based glue).

    The future is recyclable

    KANA is a 100% recyclable sneaker. It can be returned to Ubac by writing to us at to be recycled and reintegrated into future productions.

    Basket éco-responsable en chanvre Kana


    The benefits of hemp

    Hemp grows everywhere, almost without water, without pesticides, without insecticides and without destroying the soil. It is the most ecological natural fiber in the textile world. It is also naturally robust, hypoallergenic, breathable and very pleasant to wear.

    Basket éco-responsable et éthique Kana en chanvre


    A textile industry to be reinvented

    If France is the first European producer of hemp, the know-how in textile has almost disappeared from our continent to the benefit of China.

    While waiting to create a French fabric, KANA's hemp is harvested and woven in Spain. It allows to relocate the textile industry in Europe and it is already a beautiful victory.

    Basket éthique et écologique Kana, en chanvre


    Developed for comfort

    Thick sole for good cushioning and anti-slip

    Natural and recycled rubber

    Made from production scraps and old soles crushed and recycled



    1% for the LPO

    Because nothing beats action, we donate 1% of our turnover to the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, a French environmental protection association.

    Our donations are freely distributed in favor of the protection of species, conservation of spaces or education and awareness.

    Kana vegan women's hemp sneaker

    Discover the Kana sneakers, eco vegan low lace-up sneakers (white color) recycled, made of natural and eco-responsible materials (without leather) for men and women. Available in a wide range of sizes (from 35 to 46) and colors and at the right price, these eco vegan sneakers are easy to care for, comfortable, made in Portugal with an ethical and eco look and without plastic or leather, with a rubber sole (without leather) that Ubac recycles for each pair of shoes for women and men. An ethical shoe (more precisely a sneaker without leather, therefore vegan) from the soles to the materials (made in Europe) of the upper, without plastic or leather and which adapts to your foot and your size at the right price.

    This eco vegan product is part of the range of low and vegan sneakers, and is composed of hemp and linen (manufacturing and origin Spain), two natural materials, vegan and very ecological which put the natural back to your foot (whatever your size of shoes) with shoes at the fairest price for the man, the woman and the planet. The delivery of your pair of ethical and vegan sneakers is free, directly in recycled cardboard containers, one of the trademarks of Ubac, it is directly the boxes of the shoe to remain in an eco responsible approach. At Ubac, we stay in recycled materials until the delivery of shoes and sneakers!

    Using natural and recycled materials for sneakers has a price. The price of recycled materials for sneakers is higher, as is the price of European sneaker manufacturing. All of our sneakers are guaranteed to be handcrafted, by craftsmen who can live decently with wages at the right price. Ubac also produces its pairs in small quantities, to limit overproduction and waste: this also has a price, because the more small units are ordered, the more their individual price increases.

    Ubac: the vegan sneaker brand

    Our vegan shoes (without leather or animal materials) are made in the most ecological and ethical way possible in excellent workshops in Portugal. There, our eco-responsible sneakers are assembled on site with white recycled rubber soles and recycled polyester laces from bottles, which do not need water to be processed and become part of our sneakers. The goal is not to greenwash, but to offer you sustainable women's sneakers, at the right price and in an ethical way, that are comfortable from the upper, through the laces, to the soles. Moreover, they are available in different colors (black, white, and other more original colors) and all the models go from size 35 to 46. Our vegan sneakers for women, besides being ethical and natural, are resistant and comfortable with the least impact on the environment and the earth possible, to get out of the opaque black system of the fast fashion. Our sneakers (all models) are designed at the right price, with vegan and natural materials. The result is an eco-friendly vegan sneaker that will last and never go out of fashion: it goes perfectly with all your clothes for the right price! The hemp canvas is breathable and insulating, so you can wear these ethical and vegan sneakers all year long.

    Hemp is one of the little known and decried materials. We know rubber (which makes up the soles of our sneakers), plastic (which makes up the laces of the shoe after having had a life of bottles), but less the incredible properties of this natural material that we find on our vegan sneakers. Hemp grows everywhere, unlike cotton (which makes up many of today's sneakers and shoes) which is mostly produced in Asia (like most of the shoes and sneakers on the market). Also unlike cotton, it requires very little water to grow (only rainwater), and needs no chemicals or maintenance to be healthy and good sized. That's why we chose it for our Kana vegan shoe. Like cotton, it is resistant, makes the sneakers light and sanitizes the foot. This natural element is also thermoregulating, which allows to wear these vegan sneakers in summer and winter. The soles are also vegan because they are made of natural rubber, from recycled manufacturing waste. The laces (white color, Ubac also has a selection of colored laces) that close our vegan sneakers for women are made of recycled plastic waste, an ethical and eco responsible way to reuse these materials.

    You are looking for vegan shoes at the right price, more precisely light sneakers with a resistant sole that recycles materials (rubber and plastic) and holds in place, produced in an ethical way (with handmade workshops) and without leather at the right price? Kana is for you. Ubac recycles materials for its sneakers thanks to a manufacturing process in Portuguese workshops and puts eco-responsibility at the feet of every woman and every man. In addition, their maintenance is easy! You just have to brush them and your vegan shoes will be like the first day, no need to use whole bottles of chemical products to wash your light, vegan, natural and leather-free sneakers. Discover also our vegan sneakers for men Kana, in the category men's shoes (sizes from 41 to 46).


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