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    L'année 2023 chez Ubac

    2023 with Ubac

    2023 has been a busy year at Ubac! Between new collections, new materials and great encounters, our products have evolved a lot. Here's a quick recap.

    New materials

    French linen

    Linen is the perfect material for making trainers that are more responsible. It is anti-bacterial, flexible, soft and comfortable, but also very hard-wearing. In addition to its undeniable technical advantages, linen is a textile of the future: at a time when we are looking to develop more sustainable ways of consuming, this fibre is an obvious choice. We chose to use French linen for several reasons:

    -It grows almost without irrigation or pesticides.
    -It is perfectly suited to the French climate (France is the world's leading producer of flax).
    -It's spun and woven in France, and we don't add any dyes to our fabric.
    -It allows vegan trainers to be created.

    2023 with Ubac

    You can find this fabric on our trainer AXOLO LINEN.

    Despite its qualities, the French linen textile sector is in more difficulty than ever. After relocating its know-how 20 years ago, France has lost virtually all its spinning mills. Those that have survived have very few technical, economic or human resources left to produce a local, responsible fabric.

    So wearing French linen is not a trivial act, it's real support for a virtuous industry that deserves to be reborn.
    2023 with Ubac


    Mesclat is made from 50% hemp and 50% wool. The use of these fibres gives it anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating properties. Mesclat is also very soft, supple, comfortable and robust.

    Virgocoop, the cooperative that produces this fabric, has a mission to enhance the value of the French textile industry, and more specifically the Occitan textile industry. In ecological and ethical terms, mesclat saves the wool sheared from Lacaune ewes from destruction, creating additional income for farmers. It also makes the most of hemp, an environmentally-friendly plant that requires little irrigation or pesticides, while cleaning up the soil. It is also helping to revitalise the textile industry in the Occitanie region.

    We are proud to be able to work with this fabric, which can be found on the following models AXOLO et VOLKAN.


    In our quest for more natural and sustainable materials, we've also started using a plastic-free technical knit: Cobois™. At a time when most technical trainers are made from plastic, Cobois™ knit is a real alternative: it's made from tencel (derived from wood pulp) and organic cotton. Using non-synthetic fibres results in a breathable and anti-bacterial fabric, guaranteeing strength and comfort equivalent to plastic-based knits, while remaining vegan. What's more, it's made in Portugal, which sets it apart from other knits on the market that are often made in Asia.

    We've chosen to use knit for our VOLKAN trainer, a model suited to intense everyday wear.

    2023 with Ubac

    New designs with Monsieur Germain

    As you've seen, we've used new natural and local materials. But we've also developed new models in collaboration with Monsieur Germain, a footwear designer with an atypical background.

    Monsieur Germain

    With 15 years' experience behind him, Monsieur Germain has entered the world of footwear by creating a speaker trainer. His approach to design is above all practical and utilitarian:


    It was with this idea of a comfortable trainer in mind that we collaborated on two designs.

    2023 with Ubac
    2023 with Ubac


    AXOLO is a retro silhouette that draws its inspiration from the style of the 80s and 90s. The aim is to create a trainer that highlights natural, responsible materials and the craftsmanship of these fabrics.


    For VOLKAN, the aim was to create a technical trainer suited to intense everyday wear. Mr Germain drew inspiration from running silhouettes to create a hybrid trainer in a range of fabrics.

    2023 with Ubac

    Our recycling program

    2023 means new materials and new designs, as well as a new programme to recycle rubber and our trainers.

    2023 with Ubac

    How does it work ?

    Thanks to an investment of €3 million and 6 years' work, a Portuguese factory has succeeded in developing an innovative recycling process that will enable us to recycle our trainers.

    To do this, the factory collects production off-cuts, tyres, soles and trainers. These materials are stored by colour in a warehouse until there is enough to start production. This stock is then shredded and devulcanised, before being given a new life.

    You can now return your old trainers by contacting us at In exchange, you'll receive a €10 discount voucher for your next order.

    2023 has been a pivotal year for Ubac, and we're proud to have been able to invest even more in safeguarding and promoting new sustainable textile sectors, as well as creating new, ever more circular designs! We were also lucky enough to meet you in our boutique in Roanne, in Loire, just a few steps from our offices.


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